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'SNOW' Sampler includes the following wintery scents...

Aspen Winter (BBW type) - A festive winter combination of snow cover pines, warm woodsy notes,  spicy cloves, red cinnamon and hints of holiday fruits.  A winter scent that brings the crisp weather scents into your home.

Fireside - The cozy glow of a crackling fire lends way to hints of vanilla and berries.

First Snow - Celebrate the first snow of the year with this scent that shows cool notes of eucalyptus, with citrus, accented with spices and ending with cedar & patchouli.

Jack Frost (YC Type) - Crisp, cool peppermint fuses well with creamy, rich vanilla.  A holiday favorite.

Northern Lights - This scent captures the chilly nights in Alaska, with notes of pine needles and icy mountain streams, magical.

Snow Globe Cupcakes - Melt in your mouth buttermint candies merge with buttercream, rich cupcakes, notes of vanilla and sugar.

White Out - Fresh spruce, pine & cedar trees mixes with warm vanilla, fruits and spices. 

Twisted Cocoa - Steaming, rich hot cocoa blended with a touch of peppermint, gooey marshmallows & creamy whipped topping.  The perfect end to a fun filled day in the snow.



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