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ICE CREAM SAMPLER - This month the sampler is Ice Cream scents.  They say you can't be sad when you're eating ice cream, and I agree.  So during the hot days of June, when summer is starting to show us the warm weather, you can cool down with ice cream and melt some of my favorite scents.   This refreshing, sweet, sampler will be sure to help keep the blues away, after all 'Ice Cream solves everything'.   Enjoy 8 scent shots $13.00, plus shipping.  

Bomb Popsicle* – Blue Raspberry, Sweet Cherry and sparkling lime effervescent.

Ice Cream Scoop Bread - Buttercream, vanilla ice cream & cookie dough.

Mango & Pomegranate Sorbet – tropical, sweet mangoes blend with delicious pomegranate.

Neopolitan - Yum, rich creamy vanilla, sweet smooth strawberry and scrumptious chocolate fragrances layered for a sweet treat.

Orange Creamsicle - Sweet & dreamy, orange & vanilla swirled ice cream.

Rainbow Sherbet - Lime, pineapple, raspberry and orange in creamy vanilla.

Vanilla Ice Cream - Creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone - Cookie style wafer with creamy vanilla.  



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