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Amish Quilt - Spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves mingle with slight hints of fruits and sugary vanilla. 

Aspen Winter (BBW type) - A festive winter combination of snow cover pines, warm woodsy notes,  spicy cloves, red cinnamon and hints of holiday fruits.  A winter scent that brings the crisp weather scents into your home.




Berry Bellini - An icy cold bubbly champagne with under currents of berries, peaches and hints of citrus.

Blizzard - Fresh spruce, pine & cedar trees mixes with warm vanilla, fruits and spices.  It’s a festive Christmas scent.


Caramel Popcorn - This fragrance has a warm blend of buttery and sweet caramel with middle notes of popcorn, coconut, and candied pecan.  A festive holiday treat.

Cedar Garland -  Fresh, woodsy scent of cedar, sandalwood with citrusy mandarin orange undertones.

Celebrate Christmas (YC Type) - It’s all about Christmas with pine, spices of clove, cinnamon & nutmeg, sugar cookies, brown sugar & white musk.  Celebrate with friends and family this magical, holy day.

Christmas Cabin - A wonderful holiday blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.

Christmas Cabernet - A full bodied delicious red wine combined with smells of the holiday.  Worth celebrating.

Christmas on Main Street - Mulled citrus and fruit followed by cinnamon, cloves, and crunchy snickerdoodle cookies with top notes of fresh-cut Christmas trees: Douglas fir, blue spruce, and cedar.

Christmas Tree - A strong, freshly cut pine Christmas tree.

Cinnamon Sticks - Fresh cinnamon sticks.

Crackling Fireside (Slatkin Type) - Currently out of stock.  Cedar, sandalwood, leather, and amber hints to the perfect evening by the fire.

Cranberry Festival - A scrumptious blend of tart cranberries, oranges, apples and the perfect touch of spices.

Eggnog - A decadent holiday classic, cool & creamy with a touch of nutmeg.    

Eucalyptus & Spearmint (BBW type) - Stress relieving and comforting, this herbal soothing blend is cool, clean & invigorating.




Flannel Sheets - Fresh off the line flannel with notes of nearby light florals in the air.

Frosted Cranberries - Sweet, ripe cranberries touched with a cool, crisp frost and sugar ripened plums.

Frosty Pomegranate - Cool, creamy peppermint collides with the mouth-watering, exotic pomegranate.


Gingerbread - Fresh baked gingerbread ready to icing. 

Havana Mornings - Strong black Cuban coffee sweeten with brown sugar.  A necessity for all the elves that stayed up late on Christmas Eve.


Jack Frost (YC Type) - Crisp, cool peppermint fuses well with creamy, rich vanilla.  A holiday favorite.




Northern Lights - This scent captures the chilly nights in Alaska, with notes of pine needles and icy mountain streams, magical.

Nutmeg & Ginger - Freshly grounded spicy nutmeg and bold ginger meet in this wax to create a heartwarming, welcoming scent.


Peppermint Noel - The cool, icy scent of peppermint is warmed with vanilla bean noel.

Pomegranate - Juicy pomegranates and sweet strawberries blend with creamy vanilla base.


Roasted Chestnuts - A rich concoction of roasted chestnuts, creamy buttery caramel, brown sugar and vanilla.

Snickerdoodle Cookies - Warm snickerdoodle cookies fresh from the oven. Decadent vanilla surrounded with hints of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg along with a touch of sweet maple. 

Snow Globe Cupcakes - Melt in your mouth buttermint candies merge with buttercream, rich cupcakes, notes of vanilla and sugar.

Strudel & Spice - Warm sweet pastry strudel with vanilla and cinnamon sugar sure to wake up even the most tired little elves.


The Night Before Christmas - With all the excitement that it brings.  Spicy fragrances coming from the kitchen, pine notes from the tree and wreaths, and sipping wine in front of the woodsy, warm fragrance from the fire.

Tinsel - The perfect blend of pomegranate, strawberries, peppermint and vanilla, this blend is sure to shine. 

Twisted Cocoa - Steaming, rich hot cocoa blended with a touch of peppermint, gooey marshmallows & creamy whipped topping.  The perfect end to a fun filled day in the snow.

Twisted Tree - Cool, crisp peppermint twists together wonderfully with woody notes of fir, balsam musk and a touch of eucalyptus. 


Vanilla Bean Noel - Buttery, sugar cookies with a touch of caramel.

White Birch - This scent takes pine to new exciting levels, blending eucalyptus, cypress, and sweet tonka beans to create a relaxing, soothing crispness.  Quickly becoming a best seller.

White Woods - Celebrate the first snow of the year with this scent that shows cool notes of eucalyptus, with citrus, accented with spices and ending with cedar & patchouli.